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Ep #42: Money And Abundance | Becoming You Again Podcast

Money can be a constant worry for many women after divorce. I know for me it was. Then I was introduced to the idea that I had a relationship with money, and that relationship directly affected my bottom line in ways I never realized before. In this podcast episode I will be teaching how your relationship with money is showing up through scarcity or abundance which is fueling they way you show up in your life through actions that will help you make more money or keep you stuck always wondering why there's never enough. What you'll learn in today's episode:

  1. How your relationship with money is holding you back after divorce.

  2. How to figure out what your relationship with money is.

  3. Why you need to step away from feeling scarcity and instead purposely create a feeling of abundance.

  4. The one exercise you can do right now to feel more abundant in your life.

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If you are a divorced woman who is constantly worrying about her money situation after divorce. If you don't think you're incapable of supporting you and your kids. If you don't think you're smart enough to go back to school, to get a high paying job or to start a business and make it thrive. Then I want you to know that all of this is bullshit. These are stories that you're believing and none of them are true. If you want to learn how to believe in yourself enough to make more money, to apply for and get the job of your dreams and to be the example to your kids that moms are capable of making great money too, then schedule your free consult with me and we'll talk about how to make that part of your reality. Click here to schedule your free discovery session with me.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome back to Becoming You Again. I’m your host Karin Nelson. I’m a certified divorce confidence coach and this is the podcast where I teach you how to reconnect with yourself, create emotional resiliency and live a truly independent life, so you can have an even better life than when you were married.

Welcome back to the podcast my friends. So this is the second time that I am recording this podcast today. I recorded it and I just wasn’t very happy with the way it turned out the first time and I slept on it and then I woke up the next morning and I was like yeah I am just going to re-record this podcast about money and abundance after divorce and hopefully it will come out better this time. I think it will. I think this is going to be much better than the first one and so let us jump in to talking about money and abundance after your divorce.

After I went through my divorce I kind of really immersed myself in self-help. It is something that I have always really loved, self-help books and recognizing that I am kind of in control of my own life and I found that after my divorce this was the perfect time for me to jump back into my love of self-help. One of the very first books that I read after my divorce was You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero. I specifically listened to this book because one of the podcast hosts of one of my very favorite podcasts that really helped me get through my divorce in such an amazing way mentioned that she was reading this book and I had never heard of it. I had never heard of Jen Sincero and so I was like, ok, alright, let’s check this out. So I did what I always do when it comes to books. I got it on Audible. Because I really like to listen to books so I downloaded it on audible and I started listening to it and I immediately connected with Jen Sincero with her voice, with her story, with everything that she was teaching me and telling me in this book and so then I did what I also always do when it comes to books if I really, really connect with it and like the Audible version then I will buy a hard copy as well so then I can have both. I can outline it and go back and find things and read the hardcopy and follow along while I am listening to it if I want. All of the things. So I listened to the book, finished it, loved it, bought the hardcopy and continued to do the work that Jen talks about in this book.

And I have to say, this book changed my life. This is one of the singular things that drove me on this path of creating more money in my life and believing that it was possible for me to do that. And it opened up my eyes to the idea that I could start a business on my own and create any kind of wealth and money and stability and security for myself that I wanted to create after my divorce and I never really had imagined that that was possible for me and I love that Jen was able to open my eyes to this whole idea, this whole new world through this book.

I’m not trying to sell you this book, although I do think that everyone should read this book because I think it is amazing and just the way it opened my eyes to new ways of thinking that I had never imagined before changed my life and I think it can offer a lot of people some really great things. So, I am not here to say this podcast is about this book because the podcast is really about money and abundance after divorce. I just want you to know that my path into this journey of understanding my relationship with money and understanding how that relationship and how abundance plays into creating more money for yourself started by reading You Are A Badass At Making Money.

Here is what happens, I started to realize that I had a terrible relationship with money and that I had had a terrible relationship with money my entire life. I never even really knew that I had a bad relationship with money. I didn’t even know that having a relationship with money was a thing. I just thought that the stories that I had about money were true. I thought that money was terrible. I hated money. I especially hated money when I didn’t have it or when I didn’t have enough to pay my bills. I would love money when I had it and then I would go spend it immediately right after I got it, whether it was on bills or something for the kids and then I would always be wondering why do I not have enough? Where did it go? Why is it not here when I need it? And I was constantly with this I wish you were here, why can’t you do more for me relationship with money that I didn’t realize was creating such a bad relationship with money.

And so what Jen taught me in this book and what I later realized through many coaching sessions as well is that I am in charge of my relationship with money and if I have a good relationship with money it is going to make me feel abundant which is going to have me showing up in my life completely different than I would if I was feeling scarce. So that is what I want to talk with you about today. What is your relationship with money? What does it look like? How does it make you feel when you think those things? And when you think them do you feel abundant or do you feel scarce because you will show up differently in your life opening doors of opportunity to create more money in your life or leave you stagnant exactly where you are out with not enough money to pay your bills, not enough money to live the life that you want to live after divorce. All right?

So as I was reading this book at the end of each chapter Jen gives some questions, some action steps that you can take to kind of help you recognize what your relationship is like with money. And I did those and I am going to offer you some of the things that I do with my clients to help them realize what kind of relationship they have with money and some of the things that Jen taught me in this book to help me recognize what kind of relationship I had with money.

So here are some of the thoughts that I used to believe about money. One of the biggest stories that I told myself that I totally believed was that I couldn’t make enough money to support myself after divorce because I needed a partner to be able to offset all of the costs. I truly believed that I was not going to be capable as a single mom to provide enough money for me and my kids to live and have fun and go on vacations and get out of debt and pay the bills and do all of the things that I really wanted to be able to do as a single mom. I had evidence for this that I used to cement my belief in this story and it was because when I was married we had two incomes and we were always struggling with our money. We were always in debt. We always had to use credit cards. We never really had a lot of leftover money at the end of the month and we couldn’t figure out where it was going.

And so when I got divorced I was like well that’s just going to be the case from now on. I’ll never be able to make it unless I have a partner in the partner ma