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Ep #65 Friday Flip: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

This week I'm helping Anonymous.

Welcome to Friday Flip on the Becoming You Again podcast. Every Friday I take your divorce problems, conundrums and questions and do a quick flip around to empower you to show up as the best you after divorce.

Anonymous is struggling with filing for divorce or staying in the marriage. She initially decided to leave but is now struggling because she doesn't want to hurt or break up her family.

Listen in as I help anonymous understand the reality of either decision, and how to know for herself what to do in this situation.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to Friday Flip on the Becoming You Again podcast. Every Friday I take your divorce problems, conundrums and questions and do a quick flip around to empower you to show up as the best you after divorce.

This week’s question is from anonymous. She says, “I feel lost. I feel defeated. I feel confused and unsure of everything right now. I have asked for a divorce but my husband doesn’t want it and he wants to continue to work on it, even though it’s been years that we’ve been working through this and I’ve finally decided and I’ve filed. I don’t want to break up my family but I also can’t stay married any longer. I feel like either way I end up sad and unhappy and hurting the people I love. I don’t know what to do any more.”

Thanks for your question anonymous. There’s no neat and tidy, or even right or wrong answer in this situation. Your brain kind of wants there to be, because if there’s a ‘right’ answer of what to do then maybe there will be no pain or struggle that will come along or maybe less of it anyway. But the reality is that this decision, either way will cause hurt and pain for you and most likely for the people you love. But that doesn’t mean that whatever decision you make isn’t the right decision for you.

When I am struggling with a decision where I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place no matter what I choose, I try to remember that life is 50/50. With pretty much everything in kind of a general sense there’s going to be 50% of it that is good, that’s easy, that’s positive and 50% that is kind of hard, challenging and negative. The same is the case with your decision of whether to stay or go. And this is going to be true for you and the other people in your life that this decision affects. It’s totally okay for you to take into consideration the people that you love as you go to make your decision, but ultimately you will know what the right decision is for you when you tap into your inner knowing and feel peace with your decision. Just remember that it’s going to be 50/50 either way for you and the ones that you love.

I know that maybe wasn’t the answer that you were looking for but I promise you that when you can look at and remember that with every decision there’s going to be good things and there’s going to be challenging things as well, and it doesn’t mean that something has gone wrong and it doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong decision for you. It might help bring you just a little bit of peace as you move forward with your decision.

Alright anonymous, I hope that helps. I’ll be back next week.

That’s your Friday flip! Stay tuned for the weekly podcast episode that comes out every Monday. And remember if you want more one on one help from me as your divorce coach to help you create an even better life than when you were married, then you need to schedule your free consult with me by going to Remember that’s Karin with an ‘I’.



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