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90 Day Divorce
Grief renewal

Move through the grief, heal from the past,

feel less shame and drama around the divorce,

and create a lighter, more peaceful life after divorce. 

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Life after divorce can seem daunting. Everything we feel is heavy, burdensome, and hard. We have this rollercoaster of emotions that keeps constantly in pain. We feel betrayed, hurt, let down, shameful, overwhelmed and lost.  We struggle to navigate the everyday things like dropping the kids off at school or making dinner. What we once knew as 'family' now feels like a dirty word. We feel so empty and lonely. We are so confused by the process of divorce, the actions of our ex, and even the way we've been showing up day to day. 


Everyone is saying it will get better and to just take some time for yourself, but being with just yourself right now feels like death. You're lost, confused and you don't know where to even start or if it's even possible to feel any better.  

How the First Year After Divorce Usually Looks

We feel so angry because we've lost the family we used to have.

We cry all the time. Sometimes over nothing, sometimes because of anything and everything. 

We feel betrayed by our ex. This wasn't the person we married.


We have to co-parent with our ex which seems to make things hurt even more.

Everything feels hard. Just doing regular, everyday mom stuff that used to be easy feels like a 50 pound bag of bricks.

Nobody understands what we're going through, which makes it really hard to talk to people and connect in a real way.  

We only get to see our kids half the time, which means we have to try and deprogram all the shit their dad did to them while they were with him, and try to not eat or drink ourselves into oblivion when we're all alone. 


We feel guilty and shame for the divorce and all the pain we've put our kids through even when it was your ex who cheated, who treated us like shit, and who created this whole mess. 

We have no idea who we even are anymore. After a lifetime of being with one partner and then to have all of that gone, we are left with a ghost of who we used to be and can't even guess where to start to get to know us again.  

We desperately want to believe that one day this pain and anger will go away, but it's so hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel through this fog of misery and regret. 


In 3 months you will TRANSFORM your life to be less painful, shame-free and you will be empowered on this new path.

Here's How

Over the next 90 Days you will learn to move beyond the betrayal of your ex and create a happier, less painful, shame-free life by:


  • Learning to overcome the emotional rollercoaster that comes after divorce. You'll no longer cry about what your family used to look like. You'll look forward to your new family dynamic and feel confident as a single mom.

  • Getting to know you again. You won't stress over not knowing who you are. You'll have hobbies and interests that you fill up your time with that bring joy and fulfillment to your days. 

  • Healing from the betrayal. You'll no longer feel shame and guilt over the divorce. You'll gain understanding that this relationship is complete and decide what's next for your life. 

  • No longer thinking of yourself as an outsider with your friends and family. You'll feel so in tune with yourself and who you're becoming that your family and friends will want to be around this new you. 

  • Learning to handle the loneliness of divorce. You'll learn to not only process through the loneliness but to also find things that excite you so you're not just sitting home alone wallowing in your misery. 

  • Showing up as the mom you always were and who you still want to be for your kids. You see how hard this is on their lives too, and what you really want is to love them through the divorce too. You'll have the energy and the love to be able to be the mom you want to be. 

  • Letting go of the exhaustion and overwhelm that comes with all the emotional baggage. You'll no longer feel heavy and exhausted after a hard day, but instead you'll lay down at night with a peaceful mind and a contentment that you handled the day with confidence and ease. 

  • Learning to feel secure and abundant. You be ready to go after the higher paying job, go back to school to do what you've always wanted to do, or start the business of your dreams. 

  • Feel happier as each day passes and the heaviness of divorce will be a thing of the past. 


When you join the 90 Day Divorce Grief Renewal you get accountability, structure, consistency and guidance to help you create a life even better than when you were married for
3 payments of $333.  

Expert Guidance

12 weekly 45 minute one-on-one calls with Karin to dive deep on handling everything that comes your way during after divorce including the overwhelm of your emotions, feeling more connected to immediate family, figuring out what to do when your kids are with your ex, learning to stop listening to the mean-girl in your head, and everything else that's creating stress. 


How to Not Care What Others Think Workbook

A workbook created by Karin to teach you how to care more about what you think about yourself, and less about what others think of you in four easy steps. 


Go-To Thoughts and Affirmations

A list of go-to thoughts and daily affirmations to use when you want to feel something different but aren't sure what to think to get you there. 

24/7 Email Support and Guidance

For the guidance, support and accountability needed in between the weekly coaching sessions. You can send in your questions and Karin will answer you within 24 hours for the additional support and guidance you need. 


Overcoming Fear Challenge

A workbook to help you overcome the fear you feel after divorce that is keeping you stuck. Use this guide to reach new goals, set stronger boundaries with your ex, trust yourself more and develop more confidence in you. 


Confidence Building Morning Routine

A quick guide to help you start your days off on the right foot, feeling confident and in tune with yourself. 

What Can I Really Expect To Get Out of This?

After the first 30 days of coaching you're going to notice how much better you feel. You're no longer sobbing after every interaction with your ex. You'll less triggered by things that pop on Facebook memories. You feel like you can get through each day with more energy and emotional stability. The loneliness isn't as scary and you've figured out a new hobby that you enjoy doing.  

After 60 days of working together you'll see yourself showing up in your life. You're getting dressed because it feels good. You hold your head up high and reach out to friends and family for coffee and dinner out. You and your kids are closer and feel more connected. You're not losing your temper as much around them. You've surprised yourself at how empowered you are around your ex to set and keep boundaries and ask for what you want in the divorce. That shame you felt over the divorce is non-existent. You recognize the completion of this relationship and you're ready to see what's next for your life. 

After 90 days of working together you feel secure and abundant. You don't worry about money. You still have a sad day once in a while but you're so in tune with who you are that you know exactly how to love yourself through the day and still live your life. For the first time in many years you wake up each morning refreshed and energized ready to hit the ground running. You're motivated to do things you enjoy, to reach goals you've always wanted to achieve and to live the life you always hoped your marriage would provide but had always left you lacking in some way. The tears are gone, the sadness is few and far between and that loneliness you were so afraid of is a thing of the past. You LOVE being with yourself so much that you look forward to those moments when you can be alone. 


My life is already too busy. I'm just not sure I'll have the time to fit this in.

We always think that it's our day-to-day life, the kids, the ex, or the job that is taking up too much time and causing the stress and overwhelm, and if we add one more thing it will push us over the edge.


The truth is, you're feeling stress and overwhelm because you're worried what others will think; because you're lost in the emotional rollercoaster of loneliness and sadness about not doing it right; and you're spending the extra time you do have fighting with your ex, numbing out with social media and food, and taking your guilt and frustration of what your life looks like now out on your kids.

When you learn to manage your brain, you learn to create any kind of outcome you want in life. You want more time and less stress and overwhelm? This program will teach you how. All you have to do is decide it's important to you.   

I just don't know if I should spend the money on myself.

Every mom I know struggles with this idea of spending money on themselves. It's because society tells us if we put ourselves first in any way, we will be seen as selfish. But this is a lie. 

As a woman you have wants, needs and desires that need to be met to keep you functioning in an emotionally healthy role. When you feel fulfilled as a woman and a mother, you show up better in life. You love yourself more, you love your kids more, and your compassion and grace for others  is at a higher level. Everything in your life is better when you take care of yourself first. 

I don't know if I can trust myself to stick with it. 

Most likely you think you won't stick with it because of what you've done in your past. Maybe you start things and don't finish them, and you're worried that you'll do that again here. 

When you work with a coach one-on-one you learn to manage your mind. You learn to look to your future and decide what you want it to look like, rather than looking to your past. 

What do you want your life after divorce to look like this year and next year and the many years to come? Do you want your days, weeks and months to continue to be full of sadness and stress? Or to do want to take action now with Karin as your expert guide to lead you every step of the way? Decide now and let's go!



- Rissa R.


- Camryn A.

Don't continue to hope that things will get better on their own.

Don't continue to ask your divorce group on facebook if they have any tips or tricks to help you get through this. They don't - they're just as confused as you are. 

Take this opportunity to actually change your outcome. you are worthy of having an amazing life after divorce. be willing to give yourself permission to do so. 

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