I'm Karin and I've got a story to tell

I'm a mother of two great teenagers who has worked steadily over the past three plus years to build the life I have always wanted. 

Three years ago I was at the end of my almost 20 year marriage, questioning who I was and what direction I wanted to go in. For many years I had lost myself and I wanted to find myself again. I knew I deserved it. I had always loved self help and I dove into self help books searching for mentors and guidance on how to love myself again and how to build a life I had always dreamt of. Day by day my mindset began to change. I began to recognize what an awesome person I am and I realized that I am enough! 

With this new found love of myself I recognized that Life Coaching was the direction I wanted to go. I got my Life Coach certification. Because I had a keen interest specifically in Self Confidence and Money Mindset coaching I chose that to be my focus as a coach.  I also realized that since confidence was something I had lacked for many years and my mindset about money was out of alignment with what I truly wanted in life - there were most likely other single moms out there who struggled in those areas too.  I knew Confidence Coaching and Money Mindset Coaching for the single mom was where I wanted to focus.  

I have a BA in History and am a Certified Life Coach Practitioner from the School of Achology.​ It is my honor and pleasure to help create a life of freedom, confidence and abundance all while empowering you to be 100% authentic in who you are. 

I am one lucky women to have this life and I feel blessed every day to do this work.