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Ep #6: Learning to Love Yourself | Becoming You Again Podcast

many divorced women discover they have a low self esteem and their self love is extremely low. Let's change that.

Divorce is a catalyst for you to see how strong your relationship with yourself is and how much you truly love yourself. Unfortunately for many divorced women their self esteem and self love are extremely low. Listen in to discover how to love yourself again and a stronger bond with yourself.

In today's episode I'm going to teach you how to love yourself more and create a strong relationship with yourself.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  1. The most important relationship in your life.

  2. What a relationship actually is.

  3. Why self love is so important.

  4. The self love exercise.

  5. Thinking about yourself differently.

List to the full episode:

Full Episode Transcript:

Hi! Welcome back to Becoming You Again. I’m your host, Karin Nelson. Today I really wanted to dive deep into the topic of loving yourself. I wanted to talk about the love you have for yourself, because here’s the thing about divorce. Divorce is a catalyst for you to see how strong your relationship with yourself is and how much you truly love yourself. Unfortunately for many women who come out of a divorce this is a way for them to see how little regard they give to themselves. How little they actually love themselves. How little they respect their relationship with themselves. For me, this was 100% true. It’s why the majority of my clients come to work with me. It’s because we get out of this relationship where we often have relied on the other person to validate who we are, to give us love, to fill that void inside of us and then we get out of this relationship, this marriage and we’re like hang on. I don’t feel great. I don’t like myself. I don’t want to be with this person that I am because I don’t know this person and it feels very uncomfortable. And so when I have clients who come to work with me this is the number one reason they come. They want to change the relationship with themselves. They want to learn to love themselves more. So that is what I’m talking about it today with all of you.

Your relationship with you is THE most important one in your life. Women who are raised in this society today, especially in the western world are not taught this. It’s ingrained in our culture from the time we’re little that it’s the women’s JOB, and I mean capital JOB, to put others first – especially their partners and their children. But this is a lie and it’s something you have to work on intentionally so that you can deprogram that from your brain.

Your relationship with you is the only relationship you've had since the moment you were born (even though you didn't know it at the time), and it's the one relationship that has been with you throughout every second of your life, and, and – this is big, guys, listen…It's the one relationship that will stay with you until the very end.

The really amazing news about this is your relationship with yourself is entirely within your power to be a good one or that one. Right? There is no other relationship in your life that you fully get to decide if it's good or bad, because with other relationships there are other things outside of your control. However, your relationship with you is 100% in your control.

You are entirely in charge of deciding how you'll treat yourself, how you will talk to yourself, how you see yourself, how you validate yourself, how you protect yourself, how you stand up for yourself, and how you love yourself.

I have to start by explaining what a relationship actually is. A relationship is how you think about someone or something. It is not something that we can see. It can’t be touched or measured. We can’t even all agree on what it is – even if it’s between two people. Because one person may think that a relationship is one way and the other person may think it’s totally different. Because relationships are completely in our minds as a story that we tell ourselves.

This is proven when I have clients who come to me and they say, “My husband asked for a divorce and I had no idea that we had problems in our marriage. I thought our relationship was great.” Or when you have a favorite podcast and you listen to the podcast host over and over and over and you feel directly connected to them. Like they could be your best friend if you ever actually met in real life because you have created a relationship in your mind by what you are thinking about the other person. The relationship you have with other people is all based off of the story that you’re telling yourself and guess what? Your relationship with yourself is no different.

I want you to take a minute and think about the story that you tell yourself about you. Do you think that your life is hard, or unfair or that it’s not turning out the way it is supposed to? Do you think that you’re inadequate, unworthy, not good enough, not pretty enough? What’s the story that you’re telling yourself in your head about you, your life, your experience? Odds are if you’re telling yourself a story like this about you and your life, then you’re probably not going to have a good relationship with yourself. You’re probably not going to love yourself very much.

So the question that I want you to ask yourself is, am I choosing how I want to think about myself and my life, or am I just letting my brain tell me this is the truth and there’s nothing I can do about it?

When I was going through my divorce, I became very aware that I didn’t like myself. I had a terrible relationship with myself. I felt miserable all the time. I never wanted to look in the mirror. I didn’t buy myself clothes because I didn’t think I deserved them because I thought well I just weigh too much so why would I want to spend money on me at the weight that I am. I didn’t value my opinions. I would never tell people what I really thought. I would never make decisions. I just really didn’t like who I was. I had to work on this. I had to learn to love myself again and I had to learn to create a strong relationship with myself. One way I did that was I started talking out loud to myself, to my brain. I told myself 5 things that I liked about me every single day. I did this for months and months and months and this is not an exaggeration. I’m kind of an exaggerator much of the time but in this instance it is 100% truth. Every single day for months and months and months I told myself five things that I liked about myself and I made a promise to myself that they would be things that I believed because I had learned long ago that if you just tell yourself things that you don’t actually believe it doesn’t do any good. And so I would pick things that I really liked about myself and it was really hard the beginning. I had such a hard time coming up with five things. But I did it. And the more I did it the easier it got to be able to find more things. And then of course the longer it went I had to dig harder and deeper. But it became easier in the fact that I could see more things about myself that I really liked and that I really believed.

One of my favorite go-to thoughts is “I talk to my brain more than I listen to it.” You get to decide what your brain focuses on and the stories you tell yourself. But most of us do this the opposite way. We let our habit, subconscious brain decide what to think and decide what to feel about ourselves. This is what I was doing for most of my marriage and it’s what most likely most of you are doing as well.

The best place to start when it comes to learning to love yourself more and creating a stronger relationship with yourself is awareness. You have to know what you think about yourself. Without knowing that you’re really not going to make any strides in changing it.

Usually when we take a look at what we’re thinking about ourselves we come from a place of judgement. For example, let’s say every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I think, “Ugh, lose some weight why don’t you.” And then I notice that I’m thinking that about myself but I have been wanting to change how I think about myself and so I get mad at myself because I judged myself but I shouldn’t be judging myself and so I get mad at myself for that and it just kind of continues the cycle of beating yourself up. You’re trying to change how you’re talking to yourself and yet the judgment creeps in and is keeping you from being able to make the changes that you want. When you follow awareness up