You're worried you won't be able to handle life after divorce. 

You've gone through the betrayal of your life. You feel hurt. You've been let down over and over again. 

Life feels heavy and uncertain, not to mention you feel like such a failure because the one thing that was supposed to be part of your life - your marriage - is now over. 


You want someone to turn to for help but you don't want to feel like you're being a burden to them.

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Navigating the heaviness of life after divorce can seem daunting. That's why I'm here.  Click below to schedule your free call with me and let's begin to lift you out of the pain of divorce. 


Hi Ladies!  Welcome to Karin Nelson Coaching. I'm Karin. I am a Certified Confidence Coach. My goal is to empower you to be a thriving divorced woman who loves herself immensely and recognizes what a badass you truly are. I am a mother of two doing my best each day to have the confidence to trust myself and have my own back. 

To learn more about me, click below. 


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Set up your free 30 minute coaching call me where you tell me the problem you're having and I'll show you how to solve it. 

Having trouble dealing with your ex? I've got you.

Really hate being around your teens (especially as a single parent)? No problem. 

Scared to jump back into the dating pool? I'm here for you.

Worried about money as a single mama? Let's figure this out.